Supplies For Your New Cat

Supplies For Your New Cat

Collar and Tag

All cats should leave the shelter with a collar and tag. Consider a stretchy or breakaway collar that allows the cat to wiggle free in the case of a snag. Your adoption counselor will provide you with a tag.


A sturdy carrier is an important thing to have. Even though the cat will hopefully only need it for annual vet visits, if there is ever an emergency (such as a house fire), a secure carrier may save your cat’s life.

Litter Box

The litter box should be a large, open-pan design without any liners or covers. Cats like to see what’s going on around them, so covered or hooded boxes can lead to litter box aversion. Having one box per cat, PLUS one will keep most cats happy.


Unscented, clumping litter is recommended for adult cats. If you are adopting a cat under 6 months, use clay non-clumping litter to avoid problems caused by accidental ingestion.

Food Bowls

Steel or ceramic bowls are the best. Plastic bowls become scratched with use, and scratches harbor bacteria than make it difficult to clean the bowl.


Sandusky County Humane Society feeds Mounds brand cat food, which is graciously donated by Mounds Pet Food Warehouse. Many cats, however, prove to be finicky felines, and our staff often gives cats several different kinds of dry and wet food to find the food that’s palatable for each individual cat. Your counselor will give your that information. When deciding which food to feed your cat, please follow the food guidelines in this booklet.

Scratching post

A good scratching post should have a stable base, a height of 30” or more, and sisal rope covering. This will allow your cat to use the post to scratch, stretch and play. Cats can develop behavioral problems if they are declawed, so a good scratching post is a safer and more natural way to prevent damage to your furniture. Scratching posts are available at Dane County Humane Society. All proceeds go to the Humane Society.


There is a wide variety of cat toys available. You may want to consider glitter balls, Cat Dancers, fishing-pole toys such as ‘Da Bird, and a laser pointer.

Grooming Supplies

A small “slicker” type brush can be used to clean up shed hair and a nail clipper can be used to trim your cat’s claws.