Long Haired German Shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd

Not many people have had the privilege of owning a long haired German Shepherd since the dog’s genetic attributes makes it one of the most rare canine species in the world. Scientists note that the recessive gene behind the dog’s special physical looks should be referred to as a faulty biological occurrence’. This is because the long haired shepherd dog can as well be born of two short haired German Shepherds, provided that they carry the gene that’s responsible for the long hair trait. The dog breed is however, increasingly becoming popular among pet lovers who prefer dogs that command majestic physical outlines that are enshrined within fluffy hair and nature-inspired flare. Subsequently, if you’re thinking of acquiring a long haired shepherd, here are some of the reasons why you should go ahead and welcome the intermittent man’s best friend to your home and to your life in general.

Physical Aspects

From a biological perspective, the only difference between the short and the long haired German Shepherd is the hairy outlook. Both breeds have similar body and facial features. The long haired female shepherd can reach 26 inches in height and weigh up to 88 pounds when fully grown. Their male counterparts attain maximum height of 26 inches. Their weight is often curtailed at 73 pounds, meaning that if you’re looking for gigantic long haired shepherd dog, then go for the female. The long haired breed doesn’t have an undercoat like the short haired ones, enabling them to exhibit the beautiful natural glow that endears them to many.

Exercise and Health Matters

Obtaining a long haired shepherd dog doesn’t meant that you have to brace yourself for an array of unique dog ailments to contend with. Both breeds share similar common ailments which include, elbow and hip dyspepsia – a genetic disorder which can be triggered through breeding practices that are not recommended by expert dog breeders. Other health disorders that attack both the long and the ordinary shepherd dog that can be added to this list include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Eczema
  • Digestive complications
  • A type of cancer known as hemangiosarcoma
  • Bone cancer
  • Lyphoma
  • Heart complications

The long haired shepherds’ life expectancy stands between 9 and 13 years. It can however live longer than this if placed under quality living conditions. As a long haired German Shepherd owner, you are therefore expected to take the dog out for regular walks. They play games such as Frisbee and fetch articulately enough to be your family’s fun and play companions of choice. They are more emotional compared to other dog breeds, explaining why they are more into indoor activities compared to other dog breeds. Always ensure that the dog’s living space, whether inside your house or outdoor, is big enough to allow the canine to sit or stand at its wishes since this helps the dog with its in-house workout routines that keeps it agile and sensitive enough to protect your premises from external harm.

Routine Practices

Happy German shepherd dog owners appreciate the benefits of having a strong and healthy dog. You should consequently note that long haired German Shepherds are carnivores, meaning that their diet should contain at least 22% proteins. They shouldn’t however be fed the whole day since this may bombard the dog with numerous health threatening problems. Remember to feed the shepherd dog according to the recommended guidelines in the bid to extend its lifespan without giving you unwarranted medical financial related constrain.

Though not many people choose to keep the long haired German shepherd for sporting and hunting purposes, there are occasions when you may need to take the dog out for adventurous fun activities. In these instances, it may be advisable to shave the canine. The dog produces a substantial amount of hair, probably more than the amount of wool that’s produced by some sheep breeds. The shaving precaution is undertaken to prevent thorny shrubs from sticking to the dog’s hair during adventurous outdoor activities that can damage its coat and cause severe bodily harms in some instances.

Bathing a pet is another routine activity that you may find interesting. You should however note that the long haired breed’s skin doesn’t have enough oil to enable it to be bathed regularly. This makes the haired breed the dog of choice if you don’t like to bath your dog or if you simply don’t have the time to do so on a regular basis. However, their ears should be cleaned in a precise manner to prevent the wax from blocking them. The long haired German shepherd also needs frequent paw trimming and other forms of grooming from time to time.

The Dog’s Social Acceptance Stance

Not everyone likes the long haired German Shepherd breed. Some people don’t like it because of their social inclinations toward specific beliefs or superstitions concerning hairy dogs or other pets. Others simply don’t like hairy dogs because they are allergic to their fur which can make them sick in various ways. Whatever the reason may be, the long haired shepherd’s lovers have had to fight battles in numerous fronts for the breed to be universally accepted. Contrary to beliefs that the haired shepherd is a weak and susceptible canine breed, studies have shown that the dog is extremely intelligent, emotional and strong enough to survive under various weather conditions, whether as a domestic, a rescue, a sniffer or as security and law enforcing dog.

The Suitability Factor

The long haired German Shepherd is commendable if you’re in search of a dog that’s designed by Mother Nature to synchronize with the human life. This is made possible by its love for human touch and attention. All you need to do to find the best of companions in a long haired German shepherd is to make him or her part of your family and social life from a tender age. The dog’s level of intelligence makes it easy to train, making it possible to teach your long haired shepherd friend unique and elaborate tricks that you can orchestrate together whenever you want to entertain friends or family with a dog show that’s as fascinating as the dog itself. Chances are are that everyone will admire your company with a long haired shepherd in the mix of events.