Adoption Fees

We are pleased you are at this page.  This page will help you find out how to adopt our animals.  We are thrilled to place our animals in good loving homes.  And what wonderful pleasures our animals will bring to you.

The cost of adopting our animals can be seen below.  Be reminded, the cost of our adoptions includes the spay or neuter depending on the sex of the animal you choose.

If we don’t not have the animals you are looking for, please let us know, we will be more than happy to put you on our waiting list.  We will call you immediately when we get the animal you want.The cost of our adoptions!




$65 for adult cats
$70 for kittens

Includes feline leuk testing, Distemper vaccination, Revolution for fleas and spay/neuter.








$70 for adult dogs
$75 for puppies

Includes heartworm check, Parvo and Distemper vaccinations and spay/neuter and Revolution treatment.




If this is to expensive for you, please feel free to call, we may be able to make some arrangements with you.  Our main goal is find good homes for our animals.  If you need this option, contact Penny Virts at the number listed below!


If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, click on the forms below
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Release, Waiver, and Disclosure Form