Adopt A Pet

Dogs & Puppies





Hello my name is Oreo. I’m a 5 year old male Terrier mix. I am friendly with other dogs. I instantly soak up all the love you can dish out to me! I’m on the small size about 15 to 20 lbs. Could you give me good safe home? Please come out to see me.







Hello my name is Miller. I’m a black lab mix female. I was born with a stub tail which may mean I might have some Aussie Shep. mix. I just melt when anyone pays ANY attention to me. I guess you could say I’m starving for someone to love me. Please stop out soon.








Hello my name is Lucy. I am a 4 to 5 year old female. I am a Golden Ret./Chow mix. I recently had a litter of puppies and will be spayed soon. I have maturity and patience of an adult dog. Sorry but I don’t get along with dogs lately since I have been kenneled here at the shelter. Going through some changes here lately, I guess. Won’t you stop out and spend some time with me? I am a nice girl!!







Hello my name is Getty! I’m a young adult female black lab mix. I have a sweet disposition. I am quite inquisitive about the world out there. Would you like to show me what a loving home life would be like? Please stop out for visit.






Hello my name is Anna. I am a black lab mix female and 8 months old. Unfortunately I was hit by a car. But even with this darn cast on I get around just great. I’ll be just fine once it comes off. I get along well with other dogs and cats. I’m very sweet and ready for a home to keep me safe for a long, long time!




Cats & Kittens




Around the shelter, I’m known as Cassie, the Office Cat because I like to sleep in the desk chair. I’m about a year old this September ’03, a DSH, and a spayed female. I had surgery on my ear a while back and it’s a little crooked but my loving personality more than makes up for it. Stop by and see me today!







Hi, I’m Deanna! I’m a black and white DSH spayed female, born in January 2003. I had a leg injury a while back but I get around just fine. The folks here at the shelter let me run around as much as I like and that helps my leg get stronger. Come by and see me today, OK?






Hooray for Hazel! I’m a spayed female gray tiger and around one year old. Come and look me over.






Hello! I’m a tiger and white female and my birthday was in October ’02. And if you adopt me, your friends will be green with envy because I know I’ll bring you the luck o’ the Irish!






Hi! I’m a red/white/brown tortie DSH spayed female, and my birthday was in October 2012. I’m named after the secretary of our Board. I’m small and quiet and tend to stay to myself but I get along well with other cats.





Lady Madonna, children at your feet. Well, they could have written that song about me! But the kittens are off on their own and I’m lookin’ for a home. I’m a female calico and my birthday was in June 2008.






Sorry, I don’t have any friends by the name of Larry or Curly, nyuk nyuk! I’m and black and white DSH male and I was born in February 2003. No one would be ‘moe’ pleased to have you drop by and visit! (And, I’m not sticking my tongue out at you, they caught me bathing!)