About Us

The Humane Society of Sandusky County was established in 1883. The purpose of the Humane Society is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals and the establishment of humane educational programs in the Sandusky County school systems and throughout the community.

Cruelty is defined in several different ways…

  1. When an animal is yarded or confined and continues without food, water, protection from the weather or proper attention for more than 15 consecutive hours, any person may remove said animal and not be liable for trespassing.
  2. Overworking, underfeeding or depriving of proper sustenance
  3. One who inflicts suffering and death on any useful beast. fowl or animal for amusement and sport within the statute which marks injuring, torturing, tormenting and needlessly killing such animals.

The Humane Society of Sandusky County offers many programs to educate and assist the community on the care of animals.

Spay-Neuter Program- To prevent pet over-population, this program is offered to lower-income individuals who otherwise may not be able to afford to have their pet sterilized. The rates are about 30% of what is normally charged.
Humane Education- Speakers available for clubs and organizations. Pamphlets, literature and videos are also available.
Humane Agent- On call at 419-334-4517.
Monthly Adopt-A-Pet featured in the Fremont News-Messenger.
Monthly Meetings are held every second Monday at 7:00p.m. at the shelter, 2520 Port Clinton Road.