Sandusky County Humane Society is a non-profit organization that receives no local government funding. All of our monies are derived from local contributions and fund raising. We can do only so much without your assistance-that’s why we need your help!

Our mission statement is to “educate our community that animal abuse is wrong and that to not spay or neuter is to cause the destruction of beautiful, healthy animals.”

Without sufficient contributions and funding our shelter cannot exist-but a shelter is only a bandage to a much bigger problem, pet overpopulation. We beg you to spay/neuter your pet and think of us when it is time to replace your beloved pet.


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Volunteers are the glue that holds everything together and without Volunteers The Humane Society would suffer greatly, please help us out and see how rewarding it is helping animals….
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We have many pets that would love and are waiting for you to take them home and give them the life they deserve…
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Read some important information about all the different types of pets and how you can help your grow and improve their health. Our latest article is about Bearded Dragon Diet.

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